Elementary Physics Laboratory

Elementary Physics Laboratory

At the Elementary Physics Laboratory, students can carry out practical activities to increase students’ understanding of the physical phenomena taught in class. The practicum equipments consist of practical kits for Kinematics, Translational and Rotational Dynamics, Vibration and Waves, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics (Lens and Mirrors), and Thermodynamics.

Elementary Physics Laboratory is part of the Teaching Laboratories (TL) under the Directorate of General Competency Education. This laboratory is devoted to serving the practicum activities for the Physics Science Technology (FIS104) course, one of the mandatory courses for students of IPB University (IPB). New students must take this course in their first year of study. Because it is an Education laboratory that serves almost all new students, it will always have practicum activities throughout the school year.

In addition to providing services to IPB students, the laboratory also provides services to external parties, namely teachers and students at the high school (SMA) or junior high school (SMP) levels, to improve school learning competencies at that level. Almost every year, the laboratory provides training to enhance the competencies of physics teachers at high and junior high schools collaborating with the Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran Fisika (MGMP) throughout the district/city of Bogor. In addition, this laboratory has always been a partner for SMA Kornita IPB in serving their students’ practicum activities for physics subjects. Implementing this practicum is carried out when the laboratory does not have a service schedule for IPB students, such as during the mid-semester exams and end-semester exams or during semester breaks.

The Laboratory has a reliable and strong support system to provide the best service to users. This support system comprises lecturers, laboratory assistants, administrative staff, and facilities, all of which can guarantee the best services. This Laboratory has a laboratory organizational structure consisting of the Head, Secretary, Administration, and Laboratory Assistant. All lecturers in the Physics Department are always ready to be involved in every service activity provided by the Laboratory. In addition, lecturers, Laboratory assistants, and administrative staff always conducted the best coordination in preparing practicum materials (practice guides and experiment equipment) to ensure the implementation of practicum services ran smoothly.

The Laboratory has facilities for two practicum rooms (area ~200 m2), equipment/practical kits for Mechanical, Waves, Static and Dynamic electricity, electromagnetism, Optics physics and geometry, studio room. The room with that area can accommodate 60 – 70 practicum participants with installed experiments up to 16 experiment setup. The complete set of experiments owned ensures that the Fisdas Lab can provide experiments services for each Physics subject. In addition, the studio space is used to support the implementation of online services.



Personnel : 

Head of Laboratory : Dr. Heriyanto Syafutra 

Secretary : Rima Fitria Adiati, M.T.

Admin : Euis Badriah (badriaheuis[at]apps.ipb.ac.id)

Lab Technicians :

– Firmansyah, S.Si (firmansyah88[at]apps.ipb.ac.id)

– Alan Zaelani (alan27[at]apps.ipb.ac.id)