Physics Expo

Physics Expo

Background and Description

Student literacy in science and technology is still low, especially physical science and its applications. In addition, students’ insight regarding the role of physics in technological developments is very limited. This is due to the lack of information provided to students in schools regarding the application of physics in all fields, especially the latest technology. As a result, students are less interested in studying physical science and its applications. To improve scientific and technological literacy for students and to broaden students’ horizons regarding the application of physical science in technology, the Physics Department of IPB University has held Physics Expo (PE) activities regularly since 2012. Physics Expo (PE) is organized by the Physics Department of IPB University in collaboration with Physics Student Association (HIMAFI) IPB University. Physics Expo includes several events, namely: Robotics Challenge, Physics Champion, Physics Camp, Physics Project, Physics Talk, and Expo.


Every event at the Physics Expo involves high school students or the equivalent from Jakarta, West Java, Banten, and outside Java. Each event at the Physics Expo has certain characteristics and goals. The Robotics Challenge, for example, begins with basic robotics training and then continues with a robot competition for students who have attended previous training, the goal is to hone students’ understanding of the robotics training material that has been given. Jawara Physics is a physics competition event for students, Physics Camp is a short lecture on several physics topics and their demonstrations, Physics Project is a training for students in the field of scientific work, Physics Talk is a physics seminar, while Expo is an exhibition of technology by physics students and Physics Department partners such as LIPI, BATAN, and LAPAN, now known as BRIN.

Result and Impact

As an activity that aims to improve scientific and technological literacy for students, the Physics Expo (PE) which has been held since 2012 has had a significant impact. This can be seen in the increasing interest of students to explore the application of physics, especially in robotics technology. A number of schools have been assisted by the Physics Department of IPB University in the field of robotics, and even have robotics extracurriculars. In addition, there is also an increasing interest in LKIR (Lomba Karya Ilmiah remaja Youth Scientific Work Competition) in students, this is the impact of the Physics Project event at the Physics Expo. In fact, several schools have become partners in the LKIR field.

Challenges and Lessons Learned

The main challenge faced in organizing the Physics Expo is the limited funds so that the activities are not carried out optimally. Nevertheless, Physics Expo activities can still be held every year for the sustainability of the science and technology learning process for students, especially physics and its applications. Another challenge is the lack of enthusiasm of students in participating in the Physics Expo, even though the Robotics Challenge event is very much in demand and eagerly awaited by students. The lesson learned from the Physics Expo activity is the need for the ability and expertise to manage activities in an organized manner, especially fundraising. In addition, it is also necessary to massively involve relevant parties, especially schools and related institutions that can support Physics Expo activities.


Physics Expo which aims to improve student literacy in the fields of science and technology has shown a significant impact so that it becomes a routine and sustainable activity. Activities like this can be carried out by physics study programs at any university to improve student literacy in the field of physics and its applications.