Teacher’s Training Program

Teacher’s Training Program

The Teacher`s training program is an initiative of the Department of Physics, IPB University to provide quality education according to SDG 4. The Department of Physics, IPB University collaborates with institutions or Natural Sciences teachers’ organizations (MGMP) inside and outside Bogor Regency, both junior high and high schools. The activities vary between events and could be done in an online and offline format. Here is some documentation of the teacher training program held by the Department of Physics in 2022 academic year:

SMAN 1 Cigombong, July 5th, 2022

Due to the pandemic, most science teachers have never had the chance to use their science kits. Therefore refresher training is needed especially for new teachers or new kits. This effort is made to optimize the function of the existing physics laboratory. The activity was carried out in two stages, namely visitation to the laboratory and training for physics teachers. There are at least three school delegates participating, namely MAN 1 Cigombong, SMAN 1 Cijeruk, and SMAN 1 Caringin. The team led by Dr. Heriyanto Syafutra

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The Physics Department of IPB University Assists in the Functionalization and Optimization of the High School Physics Laboratory in Bogor Regency | IPB University

SMPN 1 Cigombong, August 6th, 2022

Collaborating with MGMP IPA Kab. Bogor, the Department of Physics IPB held junior high school teacher training in the use of science kits. Commandeered by Prof. Tony Sumaryada, the teachers explore the electric and magnetic practicum kits as well as heat and hydrostatics kits.

IPB University Physics Department Team Visits SMPN 1 Cigombong to Provide Teacher Training | IPB University

Online with MGMP Tanggamus, July 28th, 2022

The online webinar is about renewable energy, and how to create simple demonstrations about renewable energy for high school teachers. In this training, teachers are shown how to use daily objects and plastic waste to make fun physics experiments. More than a hundred teachers participate in this training.