First Year Undergraduate Program

First Year Undergraduate Program

Lectures in the first year at IPB are lectures to gain general competence, all first-year students will receive the same courses based on their clustering. This lecture model started in 1973, at that time it was known as TPB – Tingkat Persiapan Bersama (Joint Preparation Level). Since 2003, the TPB Program has changed to the General Competency Education Program, and in 2022 it has changed to DPKU – Direktorat Pendidikan Kompetensi Umum (Directorate of General Competency Education).

At this level, Physics students get a number of courses that become general competencies for the Physics undergraduate program. Physics student lectures at level 1 are primarily carried out in the CCR Building – Common Class Room.

The Department of Physics manages the basic-level physics courses in two different clusters:

  • FIS1104 – Physics for Science and Technology
  • FIS1105 – Physics for Humanities

The cluster division is based on the focus of each faculty or study program. The science-Technology cluster consists of all study programs at the Faculty of Agriculture (A), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (B), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (C), Faculty of Animal Science (D), Faculty of Forestry and Environment (E), Faculty of Agricultural Technology (F), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (G), and Nutrition Science Study Program (I1). While the Humanities cluster consists of all study programs at the Faculty of Economics and Management (H), Family and Consumer Science Study Program (I2), Communication and Community Development Study Program (I3), and Business Studies Program (K0).

The FIS1104 managed by the Department of Physics will equip students with various abilities to think and act scientifically. To achieve this, in this course, students will be given a strengthening of understanding and broadening their knowledge of the concept of matter-energy and its interactions, as well as sharpening the ability to analyze and evaluate the benefits of these concepts in the development of the latest technology.

Slightly different, The FIS1105 course equips students with various abilities to think and act scientifically by strengthening their understanding and broadening their horizons so that they can analyze and evaluate social and human phenomena based on physical concepts.

List of first-year courses

Below are the courses for Physics first-year students.

Course CodeCourse NameCredits (Class-Lab)Course Category
Semester 1
FIS1104Physics for Science and Engineering3(2-1)CCC
IPB110CInnovative Agriculture2(2-0)CCC
MAT1102Mathematics and Logical Thinking3(2-1)CCC
Subtotal Credit18
Semester 2
KIM1104Chemistry for Science and Engineering3(2-1)CCC
IPB110ECivic Education1(1-0)CCC
BIO1102Elementary Biology3(2-1)CCC
MAT1104Calculus 13(2-1)FC
STA1111Statistics and Data Analysis3(3-0)CCC
KOM1102Computational Thinking2(2-0)CCC
Subtotal Credit18

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