Biophysics and Nanostruture Laboratory

Biophysics and Nanostruture Laboratory

Biophysics and Nanostructure Laboratory specializes in the research of biophysics and nanomaterials based on biological and non-biological materials. This laboratory facilitates a research and development of nanostuctured materials for various applications such as (bio)medical, (bio)chemical, (bio)sensor or technological applications. This laboratory is not only limited for the nanomaterials research but also support a research with high-temperature processing for materials fabrication or synthesis. Biophysics and Nanostrcture lab is equipped with various tools such as Furnace, High temp Furnace (up to 2000 C), Ultrasonic bath, Milling machine, Low-temperature incubator, Incubator oven, Hot plate magnetic stirrer, Mini hydrothermal reactor, Digital balance, Autoclave, Microwave oven, Freezer, Spin coater, Elektroforesis, Plasma coating, Compact Digital Mini Rotator, Orbital Motion Electrospinning machine, Ultrafiltration water purifier system, and UV sterilizer system.


Personnel : 

Head of Laboratory : Nur Aisyah Nuzulia, M.Si.

Lab Technician : Mia Maesarotus Solihah, S.Si. (solihah_313[at]


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