Dr. Heriyanto Syafutra, M.Si.


Dr. Heriyanto Syafutra, M.Si.

Applied Physics Division

Dr. Heriyanto Syafutra, M.Si.

Division: Applied Physics

Email: hsyafutra[at]apps.ipb.ac.id


Thin film deposition techniques play an essential role in today’s technological developments, especially in the fabrication of thin films of semiconductor materials for electronic devices, such as photovoltaics, light-emitting diode, transistors, diodes, and sensor-based semiconductors. Solution-based deposition is a facile technique and doesn’t require a sophisticated instrument suitable for mass production and low cost. Dr. Heriyanto Syafutra is a member of the applied physics division in the Physics Department that finished his doctoral degree at Nara Institute of Sciences Japan. During his doctoral study, he worked with polymer thin film fabrication using solution-based techniques for high-performance transistors. At present, he continues developing solution-based processes for thin film fabrication for optoelectronic devices.

Research Interest: Thin film fabrication, sensor technology