Optoelectronics Material Laboratory

Optoelectronics Material Laboratory

Optoelectronics Material Laboratory

The Optoelectronics Material Laboratory focuses on research related to materials and devices for optoelectronics purposes. In the laboratory, we fabricate our own organic and inorganic materials, especially thin films, and investigate the material properties for various applications. We collaborate with laboratories all over the country for the testing and fabrication of optoelectronic sensors and devices. For the last few years, the laboratory focuses on the development of a non-invasive Haemoglobin and Blood Glucose measurement device. 

The Laboratory is equipped with the materials and tools for thin film fabrication, such as: 

  1. Spin coating, for thin film deposition (front) and the chemicals inside glass desiccator (back)
  2. Analytical balance with 4 decimals point
  3. Magnetic stirrer
  4. Acrylic desiccator
  5. furnace, for the sintering or annealing process of both thin films and biomass products with a maximum temperature of 1200 ℃
  6. Ultrasonic Bath
  7. Low-temperature Furnace, with a maximum temperature of 300 ℃
  8. Low-temperature Indium Solder


Personnel : 

Head of Laboratory : Dr. Irzaman, M.Si.

News and Activities:

The Innovation of the Hb Meter Tool by IPB University Researchers is Ready to be Tested

link: https://ipb.ac.id/news/index/2022/06/inovasi-alat-hb-meter-karya-peneliti-ipb-university-siap-diujicoba/fa9b10be669c5a8fbb67c0ba1c9e6e5f

LPDP Tinjau Inovasi Hb Meter Karya Tim Peneliti Konsorsium IPB University

Link: https://ppid.ipb.ac.id/lpdp-tinjau-inovasi-hb-meter-karya-tim-peneliti-konsorsium-ipb-university/

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