Electronics Laboratory

Electronics Laboratory

The electronics lab is an educational lab that is used to practice analog, digital, and instrumentation electronics courses. The Lab can also be used to help research students/lecturers. Tests that can be carried out in the lab include measuring electrical quantities such as voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance, component tester, and displaying the signal injected into or generated by a circuit.

Electronics laboratory is equipped with analog and digital electronic equipment:

  1. Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  2. K&H ETS-7000A Digital-Analog Training System
  3. Analog Lab Trainer ED-2200
  4. Digital Lab Trainer ED-2200
  5. Signal Generator
  6. CD800a Digital Multimeter


Personnel : 

Head of Laboratory: Drs. Mahfuddin Zuhri, M.Si

Lab Technician: Toni Pranoto

Digital Storage Oscilloscope
K&H ETS-7000A Digital-Analog Training System
Analog Lab Trainer ED-2200
Digital Lab Trainer ED-2200
CD800a Digital Multimeter