Functional Material Laboratory

Functional Material Laboratory

Functional Materials Laboratory is the research facility for research in the field of material engineering. This laboratory is mainly used for the preparation and synthesis of materials including polymers, ceramics, and composites. Variety of research in this laboratory centers around the fabrication of functional materials such as nanoparticles, (bio)plastic, (bio)gas, carbon nanotubes, membranes, hydrogels, and thin films. The functional materials laboratory is equipped with various fabrication and synthesis equipment such as Hotplate stirrer, Centrifuge, Ultrasonic processor, Vacuum pump, Multiple hotplate stirrer, Digital balance, Chemical cabinet, Fume hood, Overhead stirrer, Freezer, etc. The laboratory provides services for the use of ultrasonic equipment.


Personnel : 

Head of Laboratory : Nur Aisyah Nuzulia, M.Si.

Lab Technician :

– Fery Hermawan, S.Si. (fery_7[at]

– Mia Maesarotus Solihah, S.Si. (solihah_313[at]


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