Computational and Theoretical Physics Laboratory

Computational and Theoretical Physics Laboratory

Theoretical and Computational Physics Laboratory is equipped with several Windows and Linux-based Computers ( Intel i7 octacore processor and 8-16 GB RAM) for conducting various research in theoretical and Computational Physics.

The main room can facilitate up to 20 students for scientific meetings and presentations. There is a 65 inches Smart TV for presentations/online meetings/ watching scientific videos. Computational packages available including MATLAB, Mathematica, Fortran, C++, Python, NAMD, VMD, Autodock Tools, AutoDock Vina, PyMol, Octave, etc

Large-scale computation is usually conducted in HPC (High-Performance Computers) Facilities which also have Gaussian, ORCA, AMBER, Quantum Espresso, and Avogadro package.

Personnel : 

Head of Laboratory: Prof. Dr. Tony I Sumaryada, M.Si.

Important links about services and research permits can be accessed here [administration-links]