HIMAFI IPB (Physics Student Association of IPB) is an organization that is scientific, independent and professional oriented. HIMAFI IPB was established on March 30, 1997. Mobilizing cooperation between the students and developing a forum for scientific and professional activities in the fields of Physics and other related fields are the main goals of HIMAFI IPB. Through HIMAFI IPB, all students can participate in the programs that are useful to increase students’ insights and help their preparation for the post-campus life. In the 2021/2022 period, HIMAFI IPB has the cabinet name which is called “Divergensi Aksi” and consists of 49 students of the Executive Board and 7 students of the Supervisory Board.

Organizational structure of HIMAFI

Andreas Ebietpradana

Vice Chairman
Muhammad Al Vanriadi

General Secretary 1
Syifa Karina Syofura

General Secretary 2
Shella Salsa Octavia

General Treasurer1
Annisa Yuliardi

General Treasurer 2
Saqilla Asri Alfalaq


Cabinet Meeting & Angkringan



Studi Banding

Social Media

Instagram : himafi_ipb
Twitter : himafi_ipb
Youtube : Himafi IPB
Website : himafi.lk.ipb.ac.id