Doctor in Physics

Doctor in Physics

The Doctor of Physics Program is mandated to develop Physical science and research related to biosciences, tropical agriculture, and maritime, which are the main competencies of IPB University. That research area is inherently associated with a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary character with various objects ranging from microscopic to macroscopic scales. 

On the microscopic scale, the foundation of quantum theory has driven the development of nanotechnology in many research fields. On the other hand, mesoscopic scale studies are related to molecular dynamics, advanced material design and functional natural materials, physics instrumentation, and biomaterials (advanced materials based on biomass and biocompatible materials for medical applications). The Doctor of Physics Program also accommodates proportionally studies related to phenomena at the macroscopic scale (astrophysics and cosmology).


The Doctor of Physics program at IPB university’s vision is to become the leading Doctoral Physics Study Program in Indonesia that focuses on physics in general and biophysics in particular, with the characteristics of inventive and innovative research excellence that can increase the dignity and independence of the nation.


The Doctor of Physics program at IPB university’s vision is to carry out doctoral education so that its academic quality can be accountable to the stakeholders and conduct world-class research through collaborative research partnerships with domestic and foreign partners.


Doctor of Physics program, Department of Physics, FMIPA IPB aims to produce graduates who have the following competencies:

  1. Have the ability to develop into a professional scientist who can participate in both the academic world and government-owned and private/industry research institutions.
  2. Have good scientific leadership in developing knowledge that benefits the nation and humanity, as evidenced by national and international recognition.
  3. Has the characteristics of an agile and creative learner and the ability to adapt and collaborate in research work.

Participants in the Doctor of Physics program are master graduates in the fields of mathematics and natural sciences, education in mathematics and natural sciences, engineering, agriculture, and other related sciences. Prospective students from public and private universities, domestic or foreign with a recognized undergraduate diploma and matched by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education is acceptable. The GPA requirement for a bachelor’s degree is > 3.50 (4 scale). All prospective students must have oral and written English skills and pass the entrance selection held by IPB.


The Doctor of Physics program, like other doctoral programs, has a minimum graduation requirement of 44-45 credits. This program is pursued by 2 paths, namely the regular track and the track by research.