Advanced Physics Laboratory

Advanced Physics Laboratory

The advanced physics laboratory is one of the learning laboratories in the Physics department of IPB University, which focuses on demonstrating and exploring the fundamental physics experiments that are the basis of quantum theory, such as the Millican oil drop experiment, the Thompson experiment, the Frank-Hertz experiment, Black Body Radiation, Hydrogen atom spectrum, velocity light, hall experiments, as well as observing the behavior and measuring the decay of radioactive substances.

The advanced physics laboratory supports the labwork related to the second to fourth year bachelor of physics program. The laboratory is also open to visitation from partner universities and schools  in need of physics experiments. The laboratory is equipped with student Spectrometer, Hall Effect Apparatus, Electron Spin Resonance (ESR), e/m Apparatus, e/h Apparatus (Photoelectric effect), Speed of Light Experiment Apparatus, Franck-Hertz Experiment Apparatus, Millikan Oil Experiment Apparatus, Thermoelectric Apparatus, Thermal Radiation Apparatus, Hoffman Voltameter, Coulomb law, Stress-Strain Apparatus, Diffusion-Osmosis Apparatus, Hydrogen Fuel-Cell, dan Hysteresis Loop Tracer.


Personnel : 

Head of Laboratory : Prof. Dr. Akhiruddin, S.Si., M.Si. 

Lab Technician : Rohul R. M. Hartman, S.Si. (rohulhartman[at]