Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

The Department of Physics, IPB University offers a comprehensive 4-year bachelor’s degree program. The graduates will be awarded a bachelor of science degree (Sarjana Sains, S.Si.) according to Indonesia`s curriculum of MBKM (Merdeka Belajar Kurikulum Merdeka) 2020 after completing 144 credits of coursework and other type of courses, including final project.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) 

The program learning outcome of Bachelor of Physics Program are:

  1. Mastering the knowledge of classical physics and modern physics concepts → P
  2. Able to solve basic problems in classical physics using the principles of mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics and waves → KK
  3. Able to solve basic problems in modern physics using the principles of quantum physics, atoms, molecules, nuclear, particles and solid-state physics → KK
  4. Able to use analytical tools including mathematical, statistical and computational methods to solve physics problems → KK
  5. Able to use modern measurement tools and apply the basic principles of experimentation → KK
  6. Able to communicate both orally and in writing in expressing ideas about problem solving and using the basic principles of classical physics and modern physics → KK
  7. Able to work effectively both individually and in groups → KK
  8. Able to apply knowledge in physics to broader fields such as life sciences → KK
  9. Able to meet learning outcomes in the aspect of attitude (S) and general skills (KU) set by SN-DIKTI → S and KU


P = Pengetahuan / Knowledge

KK = Kemampuan Khusus / Special Ability

S = Sikap / Attitude

KU = Kemampuan Umum / General Ability


Courses provided by The Department of Physics, IPB University can be categorized into:

CoursesRequirement (credits)
Common Core Course (CCC)33
Fundamental Course (FC)3
Academic Core Course (ACC)36
In-depth Course (IC)30
Enrichment Course (EC)21
Final Project (FP), Capstones (CS), Thematic-Community Service Program, Internship21

The Common Core Courses (CCC) are basic courses including physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, sport and arts, languages, etc. as the preparation for undergraduate courses. CCCs are taught exclusively in the first year of bachelor`s education. For more information, visit the First Year Undergraduate Program page.

List of the undergraduate courses

Course CodeCourse NameCredits (Class-Lab)Course Category
Semester 3
FIS1201Newtonian Mechanics3(2-1)ACC
FIS1203Mathematical Physics3(2-1)ACC
FIS1205Analogue Electronics2(1-1)ACC
Subtotal Credit17
Semester 4
FIS1202Langrangian-Hamiltonian Mechanics3(2-1)ACC
FIS1206Advanced Mathematical Physics3(2-1)ACC
FIS1208Digital Electronics2(1-1)ACC
FIS1204Computational Physics2(1-1)ACC
FIS1282Advanced Experimental Physics2(1-1)IC
Subtotal Credit17
Semester 5
FIS1301Quantum Physics3(2-1)ACC
FIS1303Statistical Physics3(2-1)ACC
FIS1381Optics and Photonics2(2-0)IC
FIS1385Internet Based Instrumentation Systems2(1-1)IC
FIS1371Complex Systems2(2-0)IC
FIS1383Material Characterization Methods2(1-1)IC
FIS1387Sensors and Transducers2(1-1)IC
Subtotal Credit18
Semester 6
FIS1372Solid State Physics3(2-1)IC
FIS1374Theory of Relativity2(2-0)IC
FIS137AAdvanced Quantum Physics3(2-1)IC
FIS137CAtomic and Molecular Physics2(2-0)IC
FIS137ENuclear and Particle Physics2(2-0)IC
FIS1358Capstone in Physics 14(0-4)CAP/FYP
FIS135AScientific Writing Method in Physics1(1-0)CAP/FYP
 Enrichment Course3EC
Subtotal Credit22
Semester 7
IPB400Thematic-Community Service Program4(0-4)CAP/FYP/KKNT
 Enrichment Course18EC
Subtotal Credit23
Semester 8
FIS1452Capstone in Physics 24(0-4)CAP/FYP
FIS1464Final Year Project6(0-6)CAP/FYP
Subtotal Credit11

For the description of each course, download here

Final Year Project Information

This Final Year Project provides testing and assessment of the quality of all final project activities that have been passed by students as reflected in the form of a thesis document (Final Project) in accordance with KKNI level 6 and the Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) of the Physics Undergraduate Study Program of IPB.

The Final Year Project activities include

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Important links for students taking the Final Year Project can be accessed here [administration-links]