Sensor System Laboratory

Sensor System Laboratory

The sensor system laboratory is one of the learning and research Laboratories in the physics department of the University of IPB. The sensor system laboratory focuses on exploration activities regarding the systematic measurement of physical, chemical, and biological quantities. The sensor system laboratory is facilitated with various sensors to measure various physical, chemical, and biological quantities that can be used in the field of research in characterizing physical, chemical, or biological phenomena. The types of equipment available are 550 Universal Interface (PASCO), Science Workshop 750 Interface, Science Workshop 500 Interface, Resonance Tube, Geiger-Muller Counter, Charge Sensor, Sound Sensor, CO2 Sensor, Current Sensor, Voltage Sensor, Voltage-Current Sensor, Light Sensor, Force Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Ethanol Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, EKG Sensor, Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Drop Sensor, Colorimeter, Motion Sensor, Blood Pressure Sensor, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Radiometer, Ion-Selective Electrode, and Ecochamber.

Sensor system Laboratory provides services and analysis, such as:

  1. materials sound absorption properties characterization, 
  2. materials’ optical properties, 
  3. materials mechanical properties, 
  4. electrical properties characterization , 
  5. characterization thermal properties of materials.


Personnel : 

Head of Laboratory : Prof. Dr. Akhiruddin, S.Si., M.Si.  

Lab Technician : Rohul R. M. Hartman, S.Si. (rohulhartman[at]