Prof. Dr. Ir. Irzaman, M.Si.


Prof. Dr. Ir. Irzaman, M.Si.

Applied Physics Division

Prof. Dr. Ir. Irzaman, M.Si.

Division: Applied Physics

Email: irzaman[at]


Prof. Irzaman received a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Geophysics and Meteorology, IPB University, and a Master of Science degree in Physics from the Physics Department, University of Indonesia, in 1988 and 1998, respectively. In 2005, Irzaman completed his Ph.D. in Physics, the Department of Physics, Bandung Institute of Technology. Currently, Prof. Irzaman is a teaching staff at the applied physics division, Department of Physics, FMIPA IPB starting from 1997. From August 2005 to August 2006, Irzaman became a visiting lecturer at the School of Micro-electronic Universiti Malaysia Perlis (Unimap). His research interest is Ferroelectric Sensors, thin films, and optoelectronics materials. Irzaman actively contributes his expertise as a member of IEEE.

Research Interest: Ferroelectric materials, Sensors, Renewable energy