MGMP IPA Bogor Regency Learns Experiment Kit at the Physics Department of IPB University


MGMP IPA Bogor Regency Learns Experiment Kit at the Physics Department of IPB University


MGMP IPA Bogor Regency Learns Experiment Kit at the Physics Department of IPB University

[5th November 2022] Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University received a visit from junior high school level science teachers who are members of the Bogor Regency Science Subject Teacher Conference (MGMP), (5/11). The Bogor District MGMP is working with the Department of Physics in improving teacher competence for the use of the Science Kit which is held at the Teaching Laboratory.

The Coordinator of the Teaching Laboratory, Dr. Heriyanto Syafutra explained about the experimental KIT, namely the Mechanics KIT and the Optics KIT. “The Mechanics KIT experiment consists of experiments with uniformly changing rectilinear motion (GLBB) on an inclined plane with different angles. The size of the angle greatly affects the acceleration of objects on an inclined plane. In addition, the mechanical advantage of using fixed or tied pulleys is also calculated. This is to prove that the use of pulleys can help ease in lifting an object,” said Dr. Heriyanto.

Meanwhile, in the KIT Optics explained by Dr. Irzaman, more emphasis is placed on the process of forming images on lenses and mirrors, both convex and concave. According to him, the nature of the image produced by these optical tools is highly dependent on the distance of the object from the center of the mirror’s curvature as well as its focal length.

One of the participants, Dra Endang Purwaningrum, a science teacher at SMP 1 Tenjolaya, Cingneng, said that this series of activities was very interesting and fun. In addition, many benefits and new knowledge gained. According to him, updating knowledge about experimental KITs needs to be done on a scheduled and regular basis.

“Almost all schools have experimental KITs, but they are rarely used because they don’t understand how to construct or use them. By participating in this training, experimental kits in schools of origin can be explored again. Apart from that, the theory given in the introduction is very adequate and adds to the knowledge of science teachers,” said another participant, Irma Suryani from SMP 1 Leuwisadeng.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Rima Fitria Adiati, MT in the closing session expressed her gratitude for the presence of the Bogor Regency Science MGMP teachers at the Physics Department. He hopes that this activity will continue in the future.

“Every year IPB University needs to hold community service activities as a form of higher education tridharma. We care about the education of the younger generation, especially at the junior high school level, where physics is being introduced specifically. The Physics Department of IPB University wants to show that physics is an easy and fun thing to learn if the teacher has adequate competence, especially in practicum activities,” he explained. (SY/Zul)