Summer Break, Dissemination season

Selama liburan semester (Summer break) tahun 2018, beberapa dosen fisika melakukan diseminasi hasil hasil penelitiannya ke berbagai daerah baik di dalam maupun luar negeri, beberapa kegiatan tersebut antara lain :

  1. The 4th International Conference in Basic Siences (Pattimura University, 12-13 July 2018)
  • Mersi Kurniati : Corn Husk-LLDPE Polymer based Biomulching Films for Agricultural Applications: Mechanical and Biodegradation Properties
  • Nur. Indro, M.Sc : Effect of Organic Coupling Agent Fiber Complexes on Mechanical Properties of Helmet “Green Composite2nd
  • Setyanto Tri Wahyudi : Insights 3D Structure of Plasmodium Falciparum Hexose Transporter by Threading Modelling and Molecular Dynamics Simulation.
  1. Conference on Theoretical Physics and Non-linear Phenomena (Makassar, July 1st 2018)
  • Tony Sumaryada : Perturbative and Numerical Approach on The Quantum Harmonic Oscillator with a Negative Gaussian Potential.
  1. National Physics Seminar (SNF 2018) in Makassar 2018, July 2nd 2018
  • Akhiruddin Maddu :
  • Husin Alatas :
  1. The 4th International Conference IC-STAR, 25 Agustus 2018

Dr. Agus Kartono : A Mathematical Model of the Intravenous Glucose Tolerance Test Illustrating an N-Order Decay Rate of Plasma Insulin in Healthy and Type 2 Diabetic Subjects.

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