Elementary Physics Lab, IPB University Hosts Practicum for SMP IT Insantama Students

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Elementary Physics Lab, IPB University Hosts Practicum for SMP IT Insantama Students


Elementary Physics Lab, IPB University Hosts Practicum for SMP IT Insantama Students

Students of the Insantama Leuwiliang Integrated Islamic Middle School, Bogor conducted a physics practicum at the Elementary Physics Laboratory, Teaching Lab, Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University (17/3). The students who participated in this activity were Grade 8 and Grade 9 students with a total of 73 students.

Not only students, but as many as 7 accompanying teachers also participated in this practicum activity. They received four practicum materials, namely concave and convex mirrors, standing waves on a string, series and parallel electrical circuits, and Archimedes’ Law.

“Apart from IPB University students, we also provide services to high school or junior high school students who will carry out physics practicum activities. This laboratory is also open for teachers to receive training to improve their competence,” said Dr. Heriyanto Syafutra, Head of the Elementary Physics Laboratory.

To support this, currently, the Basic Physics Laboratory has complete practicum equipment. The requirements needed to carry out practicum in the lab are quite easy. “Just write to the Department of Physics, if the implementation time does not conflict with the student practicum schedule, then the laboratory can be used,” he said.

Before carrying out practical activities, students and teachers receive a brief lecture on the four materials. Lectures on concave mirrors, convex mirrors, and standing waves on a string were given by Prof. Akhiruddin Maddu, while lectures on series-parallel electric circuits and Archimedes’ Law were delivered by Dr. Erus Rustami.

After getting the material, the participants were divided into several small groups consisting of five people in each group to carry out practicum activities. During the practicum, students are accompanied by assistants from IPB University students to ensure they can do the practicum properly.

Happy, a grade 9 student gives his impression and message. “This practicum activity makes me very happy because I get a lot of new lessons that I can’t get at school. We can see directly and use measuring tools,” he said.

Ridha, another student said, “Studying physics by directly practicing it is very fun because it can prove the theory learned at school.” (*/Rz)

This news is previously published in IPB News https://ipb.ac.id/news/index/2023/03/laboratorium-fisika-dasar-ipb-university-layani-praktikum-siswa-smp-it-insantama/023d83986975fd039f6c1790e257a78c