Prof. Dr. Akhiruddin, M.Si.


Prof. Dr. Akhiruddin, M.Si.

Biophysics Division

Prof. Dr. Akhiruddin, M.Si.

Division: Biophysics


Research field: Nanostructured Materials, Smart Materials and Devices, Bioelectricity, Energy Conversion and Storage



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Prof. Akhiruddin joined the Biophysics Division at the Physics Department, IPB University. Akhiruddin and his team developed various research topics including advanced materials and tools based on biomass and natural materials as multifunctional materials. Through the nanotechnology approach, Akhiruddin and his team have developed nanostructured materials including electronic (semiconductor), photonic, dielectrics, and magnetic materials for various applications such as energy conversion and storage, sensors, light emitters, electromagnetic shielding, and radar absorbers. The development of energy conversion and energy storage technology has been carried out by Akhiruddin and his team including dye-sensitized solar cells and thin-film solar cells, polymer electrolyte-based batteries, as well as energy storage using supercapacitor technology. Recent research developed by Akhiruddin and his team includes carbon nanostructures including carbon quantum dots and graphene for sensor applications, photocatalysis, energy conversion devices (solar cells and batteries), and energy storage devices (supercapacitors). Utilization of nanoparticles as antimicrobial agents and photocatalysts to degrade organic waste is being developed by Akhiruddin and his team. Akhiruddin and his team are also developing research on bioelectricity generation through microbial fuel cell technology, as well as developing electrochemical and optical biosensors. In addition, Akhiruddin and his team have also developed smart materials and devices inspired by biology (bioinspiration) such as chromogenic materials and devices (electrochromic, photochromic, and thermochromic).