Dr. Siti Nikmatin, M.Si.


Dr. Siti Nikmatin, M.Si.

Applied Physics Division

Dr. Siti Nikmatin, M.Si.

Division: Applied Physics

Email: snikmatin[at]apps.ipb.ac.id


Since her first establishment as a lecturer in 1998, Dr. Siti Nikmatin`s focus of teaching and research is material physics and experiments in composite material engineering. She works for the innovations of Indonesia`s natural sources exploration such as palm, rattan, banana biomass, etc. as an applicable composite reinforcement material. Those innovations lead to industrial approach and commercialization. Her consistency and research collaboration results in prominent new materials which directly applicable to the community. The selection of raw materials, technologies, research methods, production process, and optimization are continuously explored. Some research products of bio-composite from OPEFB biomass have been produced by her such as helmets, bullet-proof vests, automotive components, and viscose rayon.

Research interest: Biocomposite