Dr. Ir. Irmansyah, M.Si.


Dr. Ir. Irmansyah, M.Si.

Applied Physics Division

Dr. Ir. Irmansyah, M.Si.

Division: Applied Physics

Email: irmansyah[at]apps.ipb.ac.id


Irmansyah has been a lecturer since 1994. He has research experience in the field of agricultural waste-based materials such as empty fruit bunches of oil palm, rice husks, rice straws, and others. In addition, he conducts research in the field of sensors and instrumentation. His projects are ranging from nano-cellulose sensors to making bus tracking systems using raspberry pi. He is interested in bringing technology to agriculture and bioscience. Examples of research in this field include image processing methods for sorting agricultural products and making IoT-based automatic feeding systems. Several other publications related to computational physics are using physical equations for economic parameters such as predicting stock values and currency exchange rates.

Research interest: Biocomposite, sensors, instrumentation