Scopus Indexed Documents 2016

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Scopus Indexed Documents 2015

1. Alejo-Molina, K. Hingerl, H. Hardhienata, Model of Third Harmonic Generation and Eectric Field Induced Second Harmonic Generation using the SBHM, Journal of the Optical Society of America B 32(4) 562-570, 2015

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Scopus Indexed Documents 2014 

1. A. W. Nuayi, H. Alatas, Irzaman  S. Husein, and M. Rahmat, Enhancement of Photon Absorption on BaxSr1-xTiO3 Thin Film Semiconductor using Photonic Crystal, Int. J. Optics 2014 Art. ID  534145, 2014.

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Scopus Indexed Documents 2013

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Scopus Indexed Documents 2012

1. A. Sulaiman, F. P. Zen, H. Alatas, L. T. Handoko, Dynamics of DNA Bubble in Viscous Medium, AIP Conf. Proc. of International Conference on Physics & its Application 2012

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