Why you should take Physics Degrees in IPB

Physics is the most important science which covers everything from a tiny particles up to galactic structure and universe. Physics is everywhere and physics  is needed by everybody. Physics offers a chalenging journey to your mind and trains your brain to THINK analytically and systematically. Once you got trained, you literally can solve any problem in front of you. 

Physics in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) is quite unique since it is located in an agriculture and life sciences institution. This makes us special, since we can help excell the research of IPB in life and bio sciences and technologies. Our physics faculties (staff) have research collaborations with almost every programs in IPB including agriculture, forestry, bichemistry, chemistry, fisheries, veterinary sciences, and many more. 

Research in IPB is very diverse ranging from fundamental physics, particle physics, general relativity, soliton, nuclear, computational and modelling, material sciences, bionanocomposites, biomaterials for bone and teeth substitutions, thin film, solar cell, sensors, instrumentation and robotic, real time measurement instrument, non-invasive medical instrument, agent-based model, molecular docking and drug design, molecular dynamics simulation, folding/unfolding of protein, protein-protein interactions, biomass and bioenergy, simulation of drug absorption, simulation of glucose-insulin model, and many more. 

By taking your degree with us ( Undergraduate program or Graduate program Master in biophysics) you will not just learn the beauty of physics, but also find its wide applicability in life sciences, medical, agriculture and our daily life. Indonesia needs more excellent physicists that understand not just physics but also the problem of this nation in maintaining a sustainable energy, food, technology, health-medicine. IPB is the right place for you to take your physics degrees ! 

Job for Physicist

In principal physics graduated can work everywhere, our alumni succsefully work in their respected field. Below are some examples of the job of our alumni

1. Scientist / Lecturer / Teacher : in National Nuclear Agency (BATAN), Indonesian Sciences Institute (LIPI), National Aeronautics Agency (LAPAN), lecturer at UI, IPB, UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, Univ of Jember, ITERA, Unindra, UIN Jakarta, various SMAs and SMPs, etc.

2. IT Specialist, Infineon, Samsung, etc

3. Television : Trans 7, Indosiar, etc

4. Bank, BNI, Mandiri, etc

5.Petroleum oil : Pertamina, Halliburton, etc

6. Electronic and Instrumentation Industry

7. Laboratory Equiptment Supplier Industry

8 Enterpreneurs



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